Uncategorized Town of Ossining
Uncategorized Downsizing from House to Condo: Westchester County Seven Ways to Help Clients Downsizing from House to Condo   For more information please call us at 914-645-0204 or email at Cedric.smith@randrealty.com.
Uncategorized How to sell a home.
Uncategorized Buying a home in White Plains It’s a Better Time to Buy Than 10 Years Ago February 20, 2020 A strong economy, low unemployment, low mortgage rates, and alluring mortgage rates are making it a great time to buy a home, according to a newly released report from LendingTree, an online financial services marketplace. The amount of income that buyers spent […]
Uncategorized Westchester County: Mortgage Rates Study: Many Homeowners Have No Clue About Their Mortgage Rate Share February 18, 2020 More than one in four U.S. homeowners—or 27%—don’t know the interest rate on their current home, according to a new study published by Bankrate. That lack of knowledge may be prompting homeowners to miss out on refinancing their mortgage into a […]
Uncategorized White Plains Realtor: Need a new nursery? Tips for renovating a nursery Whether you’re expecting your first child or renovating a nursery in a new home for your growing family, selecting a nursery design that works for you and your baby should be a joyous project. To make the process a little smoother, here are a few tips for renovating a nursery you can […]
Uncategorized Westchester County, New York: How to Create a Budget for the New Year How to Create a Budget for the New Year If you’re going for a new year, new me vibe, you can’t keep the same budgeting tactics you did in the past. Learn some simple ways to budget to get the most out of your income. It’s a new year — time for a new you, […]
Uncategorized Ten Tips to Prepare for the Real Estate License Exam – And Pass! Completing your real estate education is just the first step toward a rewarding career in this growing field. The next step is taking the real estate license exam. A few smart strategies can maximize your potential to pass the state test. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate is sharing these ten top tips to help […]
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